The short vowel ‘a’ booklet!

The short vowel ‘a’ booklet!

Teaching word families is a great way to help emergent readers blend and make simple words!

A word family is a group of words with the same letter pattern. For example, man, tan, can, fan and pan are all part of the ‘an’ word family since the last two letters are the same. Words belonging to the same family are also rhyming words. 

Word family activities are fun for children and help understand word structures.

word family activities for short vowel a family an am at ad ag ap words

short vowel ‘a’ booklet

I have designed this word family activities for short vowel a booklet to support phonics and reading in kindergarten.

‘ag’ words on the bAG

‘an’ words in the pAN

‘at’ words on the cAT etc.

It will be a good writing practice for our little writers.

word family activities for word family ag ad ap at am an words

Vowel ‘a’ booklet

There are four sheets divided into two parts. Cut along the vertical dotted line in the middle of every worksheet. The sheets have been numbered from 1-8. place them in numerical order and staple them. Your booklet is now ready.


Free booklet writing 'a' family an am at ad ag ap words for preschool and kindergarten

This pack for short vowel ‘a’ is a subscriber freebie.

I hope you find this resource useful.