wh questions

wh questions

Questions help us communicate with others. With the help of questions, children can ask about a person, thing, topic, or situation. We use words like when, where, whom, who, why, what, where, which etc. to ask questions. We call them wh questions because the words begin with wh.


wh questions anchor chart for who what when where


Who is she?

What is papa doing?

When are we going to the zoo?

Where is the park?

I am sure that you are used to hearing all these questions from children. Children have a curious nature and this curiosity leads to questions. These words help children ask questions about the things around them and learn more about the world.



questions anchor chart for where which whom whose


Why are you carrying an umbrella?

Whose toy is it?

Which dress do you like more?

This letter is addressed to whom?

Learning to frame questions comes slowly and naturally and these systematic anchor charts and worksheets will help not only kids but other English learners too to frame grammatically correct questions.

There is so much information around children and their curious nature will lead them to ask questions. It is advisable to teach them how to frame questions.

‘What’ is the most common question word used by children. Children as old as 2 begin to use this word. It can refer to an object, an idea or an action.

What is that?

What are you doing?


Where” is used to ask information about a place.

Where is the park?
Where are my toys?


who” is used to refer to a person

Who is he?
Who are your friends?


Which” is used when we have to make a choice

Which color is better – green or red?
Which game do you like better?

Whose‘ is used to ask someone about possession.

Whose keys are these?
Whose car is it?



when” is the word to used to ask about a specific time.

When are we going to the park?
When can I play with my toys?


why” is used to make an inquiry about a reason or purpose of something.

Why can’t I play right now?
Why are there clouds in the sky?


wh words exercise for first grade


The above worksheet has pictures and questions but the digraph wh words are missing. Cut the word tiles and stick them in the blocks to frame logical questions.


wh question words worksheet for first grade


These wh words worksheets will be quite challenging for children at first but it will teach them how to ask questions or frame them.


wh sentences for first grade


These classroom worksheets can either be used as cut paste worksheets or you can also let the children write the words in the blocks. Sentences always begin with a capital letter. Questions end with a question mark. These worksheets will also cover these important punctuation rules.


digraph wh words worksheet for first grade


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