UPDATE: To download the ‘vegetables’ names worksheet, go towards the bottom of this post.

Vocabulary is all the words known and used by a particular person. A rich vocabulary or knowledge of words makes the text more structured and attractive. It is important that from a young age, we encourage children to be thoughtful about the words that they use. Once that interest is generated it will continue throughout their school life and into adulthood.

Let us discuss the vocabulary building worksheets.

anagram worksheet for first grade and second grade


The first worksheet is about anagram. An Anagram is a word that is formed by rearranging all the letters for another word.

The word ‘ten’ can be rearranged into ‘net.’ We have used the letters of ‘t’  ‘e’  ‘n’ and rearranged them to form the word ‘net.’

Anagram helps understand the relationship between words, how they are spelled and their structure along with adding to our vocabulary. It is a great word work exercise to learn new words.


synonym worksheet for first grade and second grade


Synonyms are words with similar meanings. English is a rich and varied language. We have a variety of words that can be substituted for one another. For example, a simple word like small can be substituted with the word tiny or little or microscopic or miniature or compact. Synonyms are a useful tool to add meaningful words to your vocabulary.


antonym worksheet for first grade and second grade

Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning.

hot   cold

wet   dry

black  white

It is a good exercise to get the children interested in words.

An elephant is huge but an ant is ________. Such exercises help build interest and encourage participation.

Describing words or adjectives too enrich vocabulary. It teaches the child new ways to describe something.

Example: apple

Ask your children to describe it.

A red apple

A green apple

A yummy apple

A sweet apple

A delicious apple

A crunchy apple

A rotten apple

A juicy apple

To practice adjectives, download free worksheets by going here.


homophone worksheet for first grade and second grade

The last worksheet of this pack is about homophones. Homophones are words that have similar pronunciation but have different meanings and are spelled differently.


sea   see

no   know

seen   scene

Please check this space to read more about homophones and download free worksheets.

vocabulary worksheets pack including synonyms antonyms homophones anagrams for first grade and second grade

For more free grammar lessons and worksheets, check this space.

vegetables worksheet for first grade and second grade

I have created a ‘vegetable names’ worksheet so children can practice the names of vegetables and also their spellings. Click on the above image to download the vegetable worksheet.