Uppercase letter tracing worksheets

Uppercase letter tracing worksheets

It is important to develop good handwriting skills from an early age. Once your child is able to grip a pencil properly, you can try these uppercase letters tracing worksheets with them.


trace uppercase letter a worksheet for preschool and kindergarten



Each worksheet is accompanied by pictures that can be colored. The pictures begin with the beginning sound for that letter. I have kept the worksheets really simple.


trace uppercase letter b worksheet for preschool and kindergarten


There are 12 letters to be traced in each worksheet. There are 4 blocks where the children can practice writing the letter.




This set is a simple no-fuss pack that can be practiced at home or at school. Each letter has a separate worksheet. There are blocks provided in the worksheets where children can also attempt at writing uppercase letters after tracing them.

There are two pictures that begin with the sound that the letter makes. They can be colored. Please note that the pictures are based on the beginning sounds of the letters.



letter sound b worksheet for preschool and kindergarten



I would recommend that you practice the above letter and sound booklets along with these worksheets. I have created zero prep booklets for each letter. It will help in letter recognition, tracing, and understanding the sound of the letter.



trace uppercase letter e worksheet for preschool and kindergarten














alphabet sound 32 picture cards pack for preschool and kindergarten

The above beginning sound flashcards can be used to practice letters and their beginning sounds. In these flashcards, you will find the uppercase and lowercase letter in a big font accompanied by 2 pictures.



trace uppercase letter q worksheet for preschool and kindergarten







What begins with r? radish and rocket.


free alphabet a to z books to learn beginning sounds


The above a to z alphabet and letter books are a great classroom resource and will complement these worksheets well. There is a letter for each book and there are 7 colorful pictures. These books also add to a kid’s vocabulary.



tracing uppercase letter w worksheet for preschool and kindergarten


What begins with w? whale and whistle




trace uppercase letter x worksheet for preschool and kindergarten


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