The fox and the grapes

The fox and the grapes

Aesop’s fables are a collection of stories written by a Greek storyteller whose name was Aesop. Most of the characters in his stories are animals. Aesop tries to teach us various lessons using the qualities and traits of animals. Fables are also called stories or tales. Each fable has a moral. In this post, I will be sharing free printables and PDF files for the famous story ‘the fox and the grapes.’




The above video is the free printable for the story, ‘ the fox and the grapes.’¬† It is an eight-page booklet that requires no cutting or pasting. It requires only 2 sheets to be printed out. Since the print is on both sides, I suggest that you print this on card stock or a thick sheet.



Aesop's fable the fox and the grapes for kids


Assemble the booklet by printing pages 8 and 1 and on the reverse, print pages 2 and 7. Print pages 6 and 7 and on the reverse, print pages 4 and 5. Now fold the pages to assemble.



the fox and the grapes story free printable for kids



Each page has a picture and there is a small paragraph for explanation. You can read this story with your child or have them read it.


the fox and the grapes fable free printable for kids



The language used in simple and interesting and kids will enjoy reading it. I have prepared this book in both color and black and white format. You will find printables for both in the PDF file.


short stories with morals free printable for kids






I have also prepared a mini-book for those who are looking for a printable that consumes less ink.


the fox and the grapes mini book for kids



These cute little mini books for the story consume lesser ink though the story is less detailed. Cut along the thick black lines and then staple the pages in order and you will have a little storybook that you can flip.


Aesop's fables mini book for kids



I also have this mini-book in black and white. Our little ones can read as well as color the pictures.

This Aesop’s fable printable is free for subscribers to download.