sight words games

sight words games

Tricky words or sight words are words that do not follow the rules of spelling. Our little readers have to memorize these words because decoding them is difficult. These sight words games will bring an element of fun and playfulness to learning. Inculcating games into a child’s early reading curriculum will make the child an enthusiastic reader.

This Jolly Phonics ‘tricky words’ board game is a perfect opportunity for kids to practice tricky words and build their reading skills.

In this pack, I have covered the 72 Jolly Phonics tricky words.

Jolly Phonics sight words game for kindergarten and first grade



This board game is played using dice. It can be played by two or more children. Players advance in the game by moving the number of spaces as determined by rolling a dice.

In case you do not have dice, use a coin. The children can flip a coin and with the head, a child can move two spaces and with a tail, the child can move one space or three spaces.

Flipping the coin is better since it limits the number of spaces a child can advance and increase the number of sight words spoken. Also, these boards are limited to 22-24 words so small moves will ensure maximum participation.

Jolly Phonics tricky words game for kindergarten and first grade

In order to advance in the game, each player must correctly identify the word in the space. How I play the game is that the children flip the coin and read the word in order to advance. If they cannot read the word correctly, they will not advance.

After playing the game a few times, I introduce ‘use in a sentence’ activity in these board games. Children not only have to read the word but also use it in a sentence. But try this once the children are comfortable reading the sight words on the board game.


Jolly Phonics tricky words list and game for kindergarten and first grade

The first player to reach the ‘END’ heart is the winner.

There are 3 board games in all and the level of difficulty increases with each board.

Print these sight words games sheets on card stock and laminate them for durability.


sight words for kids worksheets



You can practice writing sight words by downloading the worksheets in the above image. Click on the image to download them.


Jolly Phonics sight words for kindergarten and first grade

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