short vowel word families worksheets

short vowel word families worksheets

CVC words with ‘a’ and ‘e’ can be very confusing for kids. Most kids in my class find it difficult to differentiate between ‘a and e vowel sound words.’ Being able to discriminate between vowels is important and I have created these word families worksheets to help discriminate between short vowel a and e words.


short vowel word families worksheets for at et words for kindergarten


The first worksheet is a picture sort between ‘at’ and ‘et’ words. Cut the picture tiles. Read the words and highlight the at and et sound like in the sheet above and stick the pictures in the correct box.

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short vowel word families worksheet for ad ed words for kindergarten







Next is picture sort between ‘ad’ and ‘ed’ family. A child should be able to clearly tell the difference between the two sounds. It’s important especially for spelling activities that the child understands the difference.



short vowel word families worksheet for an en words for kindergarten

These worksheets can be confusing for our little reader. But they will help them understand the difference. When trying to teach vowel discrimination, I make the child write the words since that’s where I actually get to know if the child has understood the difference. The child can write on the board or in the air.

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short vowel word families worksheet for ag eg words for kindergarten

The next is the ag and eg picture sort worksheet.


short vowel word families worksheet for ack eck words for kindergarten

The last worksheet from the pack is the -ack -eck word family.

When discriminating between vowels, I make pairs for writing practice. In these pairs, the beginning and ending sounds are the same. The only difference is the middle sound. The child has to decide if it’s ‘e’ or ‘a.’

bed and bad

ham and hem

pan and pen

beg and bag

mat and met

pat and pet

sat and set

bat and bet

fad and fed

lad and led

mad and med

pad and ped

tad and Ted

lag and leg

tan and ten

pap and pep

rap and rep

yap and yep

Feel free to use nonsense words since I have noticed that our little learners mug up the spellings. Do not shy away from making your own pairs like rad and red, jap and jep etc. But do let the kids know that these are nonsense words.

I hope your little learner enjoys this activity.

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