s blend sentences – sc sk sw sm sn sp st

s blend sentences – sc sk sw sm sn sp st

Our little readers have begun reading s-blend words like scan, skit, step, smock, snip, swim, sped, etc. quite comfortable by now. It is time for sentences focusing on the s blends for reading fluency.



s blend sentences speech therapy worksheet


In each of the sentences, you will find at least one short vowel s-blend word. Highlight the s-blend words as you read the sentence and then match it to the correct picture.



initial s blend sentences for kindergarten and class1


My student like to highlight the s-blend words in each sentence with different colors and then color the corresponding picture with the same color.



s blend words with pictures worksheets for kindergarten


Do try the above s-blend words with pictures pack if you haven’t already. These 7 s-blend activity worksheets are a great way to introduce short vowel s-blend words to kids. Click on the image to download the free PDF file.


s blends sentences for kindergarten and class1


Reading these simple sentences that focus on the s-blends will help achieve reading fluency. It will also help children gain more confidence in reading sight words.

The key to achieving reading fluency is constant reading. Invest in good books.



s blend sentences worksheet for kindergarten and class1


With consonant blends, we start with l-blends, ‘bl cl fl gl pl sl.’

Then, we move on to r-blends, ‘br cr dr fr gr pr tr.’

And then we practice the s-blends, ‘sc sk st sm sn sp sw’



s blend sentences for kindergarten and class1


These 7 s-blends are by far the most challenging and confusing not only for children but also for adults. Mistakes in writing words with these blends are quite common. In my experience children typically record just one of the two blend sounds when spelling. For example,  ‘scan’ is spelled san; sped is spelled sed; stock is spelled sock, etc. I try and stress on the consonant blend as much as possible when this happens. Do practice the s-blends worksheets along with these s-blends sentences.


blends game for first grade and second grade


Do not forget to try this s-blends activity that I have prepared to practice s-blends. Your little ones with love playing this card game. Click on the link above to download the s-blends game.



initial s blends sentences for kindergarten and class1


These 30 s-blend sentences will give your child ample practice with reading s-blend words.

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