Rhyming words

Rhyming words

Rhyming words sound the same and have the same ending sound. In this post, I will be sharing ‘rhyming words with pictures’ board game.

Teaching phonics and rhyming to a child develops their phonological awareness skills. These skills play an important part in becoming a good reader.

But what exactly is phonological awareness?

It is the awareness of the sound structure of words. When children have phonological awareness, they understand that is language is made up of sounds, words, and syllables. This awareness helps children access the written words and develop good reading skills. It also allows the child to manipulate and play with words and sounds.

The first level of phonological awareness is rhyming.


You can download the ‘rhyming words’ anchor chart by clicking on the anchor chart above.

Children are introduced to rhyming from a very early age. The nursery rhymes and jingles they hear as toddlers and also the books we read to them makes them familiar with rhyming.

Rhymes help children experience the rhythm of a language. It helps them understand the words better.

Rhyming is important for writing, too. It can help children understand that words that share common sounds often share common letters too.

Making a child understand ‘rhyming’ is not easy unless it is demonstrated with the help of pictures and words.

Rhyming words basically have the same sound at the end.

There are various games and activities to understand the concept of rhyming.

Today, I am going to share a few ‘rhyming words with pictures’ board games with you to understand and practice rhyming words with children.


rhyming words with pictures games for kindergarten and first grade



The first board game has pictures of easily recognizable CVC words. Roll the dice and move along the board. Identify the picture you land on and then say a word that rhymes with it. For example, if you land on the word tap, say a word that rhymes with tap- sap, pap, clap, bap, etc.



rhyming words with pictures games for preschool and kindergarten


Children are free to use nonsense words in this game since the main aim of these board games is to understand the concept of rhyming words which can be achieved with nonsense words too. It will make the game quicker and more fun.


words that rhyme worksheets for preschool and kindergarten


I have also designed a set of words that rhyme worksheets to practice. Do check it. I have used only CVC words and each vowel is covered in a separate worksheet.



I have used one-syllable words and pictures in these board games which will make it easier for the child to understand this concept.




The above ‘rhyming words with pictures’ board game has pictures of words with ending blends nk, nd, sk, lt, st etc. It will be more challenging than the rest and can be used as children progress with their understanding of rhyming words.


For more rhyming words games, click on the pack below.


rhyming words game for kindergarten and first grade

I hope you find this ‘rhyming words with pictures’ resource useful.