rearrange the letters worksheets – consonant blends

rearrange the letters worksheets – consonant blends

Consonant clusters or blends are an important part of phonics since they introduce the child to bigger words.

Example – drum, step, club, dwell, plan, twin, spot, swim, strip, thrill, etc.

Consonant blends are a combination of 2 or more consonants in which each consonant is pronounced with no vowel sound between them.

I introduce initial consonant blends once children are comfortable reading three-letter words. And I focus on them a lot since the ability to read blends opens the child to thousands of new words. Also, it gives the child confidence which leads to independent reading.

I will be sharing blends worksheets where kids have to rearrange the letters to form meaningful words. They are challenging as well as interesting as they test a child’s problem-solving skills. Word scrambles also make children better spellers.



rearrange the letters to form consonant blends words


skip drop plus scan swim grub slip drop


These rearrange the letters worksheets are supported with pictures. I have only used words with short vowel sounds. So, feel free to try these with your kindergarteners.



rearrange the letters to make a consonant blend word


drum spin steps props skid flag flip slip


The consonant blends that I have covered are

l blends – bl cl fl gl pl sl

r blends – br cr dr fr gr pr tr

s blends – st sm sn sp sc sk sw

dw and tw blends



rearrange the letters to form 4 letter words

clap frog  plug stag slap trim crab spit

Word scrambles make kids better spellers and I speak from experience. It is a good exercise for the brain.


phonics blends worksheets for kindergarten and first grade



If the kids are not yet comfortable with consonant blends, do try the above worksheet. It is from a pack of initial blends.




word scramble worksheet to form four letter consonant blend words



slug tram pram sled stem spots crib plum

These worksheets will help children understand word construction and also word patterns.


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