reading fluency worksheets

reading fluency worksheets

Phonics lays a foundation for fluent reading, spelling, and understanding word structures. A firm grasp of phonics lays a strong foundation and ensures that children do not struggle when reading.

We begin with beginning sounds for letters or alphabets and move on to blending those sounds to form words. In this post, we will be covering the next step which is reading sentences.

I have created this kindergarten worksheets Pack specifically for our emergent readers for reading fluency.  These sentences are decodable and will provide ample reading practice for children. The sentences are simple but long but repetition will help in achieving reading fluency. Each worksheet is accompanied by a little exercise that relates to the sentence.



kindergarten sentences worksheets for kindergarten


These worksheets help with sight words and are a good special education resource. The above worksheet can be used when studying CVC words. It can be used to practice ‘the’ and ‘too’ sight word. ‘The’ is repeated ten times in the sentence and ‘too’ is repeated twice.

I generally practice sight words (in the worksheet) before the kids actually begin reading.



reading fluency worksheets for kindergarten and first grade



The above worksheet focuses on the sight word ‘I’ and ‘have.’


phonics reading fluency worksheets for kindergarten and first grade



The focus of the above worksheet along with CVC words is the sight word, ‘my.’


kindergarten reading worksheets for kindergarten and first grade



These reading worksheets have been very useful in my kindergarten class for practicing short vowel words and sight words. They are challenging as well as fun. Do not forget to color the pictures!



reading sentences worksheets for kindergarten


The exercises are simple and can easily be completed by children on their own. You will be surprised by the enthusiasm children show when reading these sentences.

In case your little ones do not require this kind of reading, you can try other reading sentences worksheets where there is no repetition.



phonics reading worksheets for kindergarten



I do stress a lot on reading sentences since that leads to reading paragraphs. Paragraphs can be overwhelming so starting with sentences is better.

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