reading comprehension – vegetables

reading comprehension – vegetables

Today, I am sharing one of my favorite reading comprehension Pack for practice. This Pack consists of 8 passages. The vegetables covered are:





bell peppers




I like to discuss a particular vegetable before reading about it. Discuss green vegetables, root vegetables, etc. with the kids. You can also club these passages with some gardening activity. It will be a good idea to have real vegetables in class when discussing them. You can have games and crafts based on vegetables. I like to have monthly themes in my class. For example, sea animals, vegetables, the solar system, pet animals, etc.

Do try the reading comprehension passages for sea animals.



reading passages for vegetables peas broccoli potato pumpkin carrot peppers onion corn


These passages are short and interesting. Each passage is close to 50 words followed by 4-5 ‘fill in the blanks’ exercise. The questions focus on recalling what the reader has read. I have tried to add a fun fact about each vegetable to make it interesting for children.

Since the topic is vegetables, I would like to recommend a simple book for reading – Little Pea. It is a cute little book with adorable illustrations and a beautiful message.





preschool printable of vegetables chart


Do check out the vegetable charts and flashcards that I have prepared.

Discuss fascinating things about certain vegetables.

Do you know a plant with pale green, juicy stems that are cooked and eaten as a vegetable?


Which was the first vegetable to be grown in outer space?


What are French fries made of?


Which veggie makes mommy cry?


Which veggie do bunnies love?


These fun facts will make your lessons interesting and help children remember vegetables.



vegetables worksheet for first grade and second grade


Do try the above worksheet with your kids to practice vegetable names. Click on the worksheet above to download the PDF file.





reading comprehension practice for vegetables peas broccoli potato pumpkin carrot peppers onion corn


Children can practice reading comprehension passages in color or black and white.

This Pack is free for subscribers to download.