Reading comprehension – sea animals

Reading comprehension – sea animals

I will be sharing fun and interesting worksheets for reading comprehension that focus on sea animals. These small passages are appropriate for class 1 and class 2. The passages are followed by a series of questions focused on recalling what the reader has read.

These passages can be part of a sea animals theme in class. You can have games and crafts based on sea animals. I like to have monthly themes in my class. For example, sea animals, vegetables, the solar system, pet animals, etc.

I also have worksheets for reading comprehension that are based on phonics sounds. Children can attempt those passages before moving on to these ones.

Let’s discuss the 8 free reading passages.


reading comprehension for jellyfish for class 1


The topic of the first passage is a jellyfish. I have tried to keep the passages limited to 4-5 lines. The questions asked are in ‘complete the sentences’ form. They are easier for children to answer.


reading passage for octopus for class 1



The topic of the next passage is an octopus. Most passages focus on distinct features. For example, an octopus has eight legs or tentacles. We discuss what the particular sea animal eats. The color of the sea animal is also mentioned.


reading passage for shark for class 1


The third comprehension worksheet is about a shark.


reading passage for dolphin for class 1



These comprehension worksheets are in color as well as in black and white format. The sheets are in letter paper format.


reading passage for crab for class 1



The words used in these comprehension worksheets are simple to read. I use these with my first graders after we have completed phonics sounds.


reading passage for starfish for class 1



The next reading comprehension is for starfish. This may also be a good time to discuss compound words with kids.

star + fish = starfish

jelly + fish = jellyfish

blow + hole = blowhole


reading passage for whale for class 1



The next sea animal is whales.


reading passage for turtle for class 1



free reading comprehension worksheets for sea animals for class 1



These passages are free for subscribers to download.