Reading comprehension PDF – The Solar System

Reading comprehension PDF – The Solar System

In this post, I will be sharing a PDF file consisting of 9 reading comprehension passages for practice. The topic is The Solar System. I have covered planets and the Sun.










I like to discuss The Solar System before reading about it. Discuss Sun, Moon, Asteroids, astronauts, rockets etc. with the kids. You can have a monthly theme of The Solar System in your class and decorate your class accordingly. Children can be astronauts.




FREE reading passage Sun for class 1 and class 2


The topic of the first passage is the Sun. I have tried to keep the passages limited to 5-6 lines. These are ideal for first graders and second graders.



FREE reading passage Mars for class 1 and class 2


The topic of the next passage is the planet, Mars. Most passages focus on distinct features. For example, Mars has two moons. It is also called the ‘Red planet.’



FREE reading passage PDF Mercury for class 1 and class 2


These comprehension worksheets are in color as well as in black and white format. The sheets are in letter paper format.

Since the topic is The Solar System, I would like to recommend a simple book for reading – There’s no place like space! by Dr. Seuss.


“I’m the Cat in the Hat,
and we’re off to have fun.
We’ll visit the planets,
the stars and the sun!”


And so Dr. Seuss’ famous Cat in the Hat whisks young readers off on a fun-filled tour of the solar system.



FREE reading comprehension Venus for class 1 and class 2


The words used in these comprehension worksheets are simple to read. I use these with my first graders after we have completed phonics sounds.



FREE reading passage The Solar System for class 1 and class 2


Do try the reading comprehension passages for sea animals.



FREE reading passage Saturn for class 1 and class 2


Each planet starts with its distance from the Sun. I normally start with Sun and then move in ascending order depending on the distance from the Sun. A chart with the diagram of The Solar System really helps explain it to children.


FREE reading passage Uranus for class 1 and class 2


Each passage is close to 50 words followed by 4-5 questions. The questions focus on recalling what the reader has read. I have tried to add a fun fact about each planet to make it interesting for children.


FREE reading passage Neptune for class 1 and class 2


Do check the PDF file for reading comprehension passages about vegetables.



FREE reading passage Earth for class 1 and class 2


I also have worksheets for reading comprehension that are based on phonics sounds. Children can attempt those passages before moving on to these ones.



FREE reading comprehension pdf for class 1 and class 2


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