Reading comprehension for farm animals

Reading comprehension for farm animals

I have prepared these reading comprehension worksheets focusing on farm animals for my class 1 kids who have begun reading sentences comfortably. While these passages are written at a class 1 level, it’s important to remember that reading level varies from child to child. I have also used these passages with second-grade kids. After children read the passage, they can answer the simple questions that follow.

reading comprehension for animals for class 1 and class 2



I have created reading passages for 8 farm animals.











reading passages for animals like goat cow pig for class 1 and class 2



The passages are short, informative, interesting, and quite fun. Reading these will help a child know what a goat eats or the sound it makes. Wouldn’t our little ones find it fascinating that a goat’s baby is called a kid?


reading passages for rabbit horse for class 1 and class 2



There is also information regarding where a particular animal lives and its color. For e.g. a sheep lives in a barn. It is black and white in color.

You can club these passages with a farm animals theme. Take your children on a visit to a farm or decorate your class with various farm animals. Kids can pretend to be farmers. It can be a lovely little activity.


reading passages for goat cow pig for duck hen for class 1 and class 2



The questions at the end of each passage are simple and will let you know if the child has understood what’s in the passage.



free reading comprehension worksheets for sea animals for class 1



I have prepared a separate pack of reading comprehension for sea animals. It includes jellyfish, crab, turtle, shark, dolphin, whale, octopus, and starfish.


reading passages for sheep for class 1 and class 2



Please note that I have also created 8 black and white print-friendly passages for classroom use. These are included in the same PDF file.






Above are a few reading suggestions related to farm animals. First and second-grade children can read these interesting books with little or no guidance.




Kids will love learning about their favorite animals by reading these passages. This pack is free for subscribers to download.