qu words for kids

qu words for kids

Phonics sound qu is quite an interesting sound. q has no sound of its own. It needs u to make the /kw/ sound. So, q gets married to u. That is why we always see them together in qu words like quick, quiet, queen, quirk, quite, quack, quip, square, squat, quit, quiz, squint, squish, squash, squinch, quote, etc. In this post for kids, we will be studying qu words.



qu words list and worksheets for kindergarten and first grade



I have prepared three simple worksheets for kids to practice words with the qu sound.

In the first worksheet, read the words and highlight the wh sound in the above list. Remember to tell the kids that q and u always come together.

Have them read the words – quick, quip, equip, quit, squint, squid etc. and highlight the qu sound in each word.

Though there are a limited number of words with the qu sound, I noticed just often kids forgot that q and u come together to form one sound. So, I decided to create these worksheets focusing on the qu sound and take it up separately.



In the next worksheet, identify the qu sound pictures and read the words in the word bank. Write the correct word next to its picture.

The next is a cut and paste worksheet. Identify the picture, and complete the words by pasting the tiles. The words are quiz, queen, quack, quilt, quick, and quill. The last worksheet has scrambled sentences. Unscramble the words to form a logical sentence


qu words worksheets for kids in kindergarten and first grade



Wait! That’s not it. I am sharing another resource with you to practice the qu sound. I call it ‘My book about qu.’

Circle the pictures with ‘qu sound’ on page 2. The pictures are quack, lock, quarter, quiver, question, quilt, quill, quail, banana, and quick. On page 3, write ‘qu’ and the words with ‘qu sound.’

The instructions to print are mentioned in the book. This book requires only 2 sheets to form an A5 size (approximately) book. The sheets will be printed on both sides. All the pages are numbered so there will not be any confusion.

In case, you have to print on both sides manually, print pages 1 and 8 and pages 6 and 3 first. On the reverse of pages 1 and 8, print pages 2 and 3. On the reverse of pages 6 and 3, print pages 4 and 5.

Since the print will be on both sides, use a thicker sheet.

I have also created ‘my book about kn words.‘ Do check it.


qu words sentences and worksheets for kindergarten and first grade



On the next two pages, children have to frame sentences using the words given. A sentence begins with a capital letter. This rule will help children understand the first word of the sentence. Sentences end with a period or full stop or question mark or exclamation mark. This will make punctuation rules clear and also help children frame sentences. Do not forget to color the pictures.

The last two pages are for writing sentences. Children have to write sentences with ‘qu words’ whose pictures have been provided. The ‘qu words‘ are the same that the children have traced on page 3.

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