Present Continuous Tense Pack1

Present Continuous Tense Pack1

The present continuous tense is used for actions happening now or for actions that are unfinished. It can also refer to an action that is happening frequently. It is also referred to as the present progressive tense.

The present continuous tense adds energy to writing and helps the reader keep pace with what is happening.

Before discussing it further, it is important to study verbs. You can read about verbs in detail and download free worksheets by going here.


present continuous verb tense anchor chart for first grade, second grade and third grade

The anchor chart above will explain the present continuous tense both for positive and negative sentences.

The present continuous tense for positive sentences is formed with the

subject + is/am/are + verb(+ing) 

Ram is walking.

He is bathing.

She is climbing the fence.

It is eating an apple.

They are sleeping.

For negative sentences:

subject + is/am/are + not + verb(+ing) 

We are not camping tomorrow.

My family is not watching the match tonight.

Mom is not going to the market.

Let’s discuss the worksheets briefly.


present tense to present continuous tense exercise for first, second and third grade

In the first worksheet, see the pictures and read the sentences in the simple present tense. Now convert these sentences to present continuous tense.

The duck quacks.

The duck is quacking.

The subject is singular so ‘is’ will be used in all the sentences.

The kid is yawning.

The nurse is giving me a shot.

The girl is pointing at me.

Ben is feeding the hens.


present tense to present continuous tense worksheet for first, second and third grade

The next worksheet is similar to the above one. The only difference is that the subject is in the plural so ‘are’ will be used.

I have discussed it separately so our little learners can grasp the concept easily.

The boys are having fun.

The bees are buzzing.

We are walking to school

The birds are flying high in the sky.

The kids are jumping with joy.


change the verbs to present continuous and complete the sentences using is or are worksheet for second grade and third grade

In the next worksheet, use the verbs in the box to complete the sentences in the present continuous tense. Also, the children need to add the ‘verb to be’ which is ‘is, am or are.’

I will also suggest you look at the ‘Is am are’ Packs which are free to download. These worksheets will give a good and thorough practice for ‘is am are’ which is a very important concept when it comes to forming sentences.


add words to complete the sentences in the present continuous

Using the words, form positive and negative sentences.

I am not washing the dishes.

The dog is chewing a bone.

The birds are flying.

We are listening to music.

They are not having lunch.

The phone is ringing.

I am not feeling sick.

I am learning French.

In the next pack, I shall be covering interrogative sentences (questions) in the present continuous tense with double consonant verbs words like chatting, hopping, etc.

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