Pre-k Beginning sound activity sheets

Pre-k Beginning sound activity sheets

This week I will be sharing alphabet and beginning sound worksheets for preschool. This pack consists of a to z alphabet worksheet.


beginning sound worksheets to practice phonics sound a



This ‘beginning sound worksheets’ Pack has specially been created for my little preschoolers. The worksheets are kept very simple. You will find the letters in both uppercase and lowercase that can be colored. The child has to color the pictures that begin with the sound given.

Astronaut, alligator, apple, arrow, alphabet, and ant begin with the sound ‘a.’ Popcorn does not begin with the sound ‘a’ and can be crossed.




beginning sound b worksheet for phonics sound b



Children can circle the pictures that begin with the sound or they can color it. There is only one picture that is incorrect. This ‘beginning sound worksheets’ Pack can be used as an introductory pack for beginning sounds.



beginning sound coloring worksheet for phonics sound c



The lowercase and uppercase letters are quite big. Children can trace them with their fingers. I try rainbow writing with the kids.



beginning sound coloring worksheet for phonics sound d



short vowel sound e worksheet for kids




beginning sounds worksheets with pictures



beginning sounds worksheets for kindergarten




phonics sound h worksheet for preschool




phonics sound i worksheet for preschool


beginning sounds worksheets for u sound for preschool


Identify the sound and then color the pictures which begin with that sound. In the above worksheet, the beginning sound is vowel ‘u’. Umbrella, undershirt, upside down, upstairs, under and underline begin with ‘u’ but pear begins with the sound ‘p’.


These grasp crayons in the picture above are perfect for preschool children. They are easy to grip and help the child transition from grasp to grip formation. A must-have with my 3-year olds.


beginning sounds worksheets for w sound for preschool



For the above worksheet Ww, watermelon, whale, whistle, witch, window and wand begins with the sound ‘w’ but envelope begins with the sound ‘e’ so it has not been colored.

Kids can try rainbow writing for the alphabet and sound like in the sheet above.

I have kept the beginning sound worksheets very simple. In each sheet, there is only one picture that does not begin with the beginning sound on the sheet.


beginning sounds worksheets for preschool



Click on the above image to download worksheets for preschool and kindergarten.


phonics sounds worksheets


These ‘beginning sound worksheets’ are a subscriber freebie.