picture composition worksheets

picture composition worksheets

Ask a first grader to write a paragraph about a picnic Give another first grader a picture of a picnic and ask them to write a paragraph. Which is a better way?

Pictures being a visual medium stimulate ur thoughts. Pictures help us understand and express ourselves better. Pictures help us observe and analyze things around them and describe them. The first step in writing a composition is knowing the structure of the story. There are certain elements that a composition must include.

I will be sharing worksheets for picture composition. There are helpful hints with each composition.


can you tell what in happening in the picture



The above is a shorter version of picture composition which I call ‘Describe the picture’ activity. Do try those before attempting these worksheets.



picture composition for class 1 and class 2



STEP 1 – The first step is to give your story a title.

In the above worksheet, look at the picture. What do you see? It’s a family of four and they seem to be out on a weekend- maybe for a picnic. The title could be ‘The family picnic’ or ‘The weekend picnic’ or ‘Dad’s barbeque.’


picture composition for grade 1 and grade 2



STEP 2 – Where is the story taking place?

The setting of the story is important. It helps the reader enter the world we have created.

In the above picture, the setting is a house or your home. The time can be morning, evening, or night. Since there is smoke coming out of the chimney, mom could be cooking an early dinner.




picture description worksheets for class 2 and class 1



STEP 3 – the purpose of the story.

In the above picture, it looks like a lady who could be a teacher or a mother is teaching kids how to make objects out of modeling clay. The boy is painting a mug, the little girl is rolling the clay with the rolling pin and the other girl has made a cat from clay.

The purpose is to learn to make objects out of modeling clay.




picture composition worksheet for first grade



STEP 4 – action

In the above story, a boy and a girl see kites flying in the sky. The boy and girl get excited and bring their kites too. The wind is perfect and their kites are soaring high in the sky.



picture composition for class 2 and class 1



STEP 5 – ending the story – feelings and emotions.

The children are having fun playing in the snow-covered park. They are glad to be out and spending time with friends. They all look so happy.



picture description worksheet for second grade



I am sharing 7 worksheets for picture composition in this pack.



writing skills worksheet for class 2



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