Write the secret sentence! Pack 2

Write the secret sentence! Pack 2

Once our children are familiar with beginning sounds and blending has been introduced, we can try these phonics sentence worksheets with them. It will help them build and read simple phonics sentences.

These sentence worksheets will help them practice beginning sounds and also the blending of CVC words. Also, sight words can be introduced.

One sure thing that I have learned over the years about children is that they love cracking the code!

Tell them that there is a treasure hunt or a secret word to find and they are all up and raring to go.

This particular set is all about that. It will help our little learners in perfecting their beginning sounds. It will also enable them to learn new sight words. These simple phonics sentence worksheets are all about CVC words so they will get some reading practice. This pack will make them understand and form simple sentences.

I have another pack of ‘Write the secret sentence.’ You can try that too.


secret sentences worksheet for preschool and kindergarten
In the above phonics worksheet, children have to write the beginning sounds of the pictures in the blocks and see how the secret sentence is revealed.


phonics sentences worksheets for preschool and kindergarten
Our little preschoolers who are not comfortable writing can try stamping the letters or can use plastic or wooden letters in the blocks. Imagine how much fun it will be for our little ones.



I love this wooden stamp set by Melissa and Doug. The stamps which include both uppercase and lowercase letters are easy to hold and quite sturdy. I have had this set for five years. I did buy the ink stamp pad a few times though.


simple phonics sentences for kindergarten worksheets
In the above worksheet, I have written the beginning sounds on foam squares for my little learners who are still not comfortable writing but have a good grasp of beginning sounds. Identify the pictures and place the square with the beginning sound. For this exercise, you can print these sheets on card stock and laminate them for durability.

Write the beginning sounds and read the sentence that has been revealed. Then write the sentence following the basic punctuation rules. Sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a period (full stop.)

simple phonics sentences worksheets for kindergarten


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