phonics reading passages – ff ll ss zz ck

phonics reading passages – ff ll ss zz ck

In this post, I will be sharing reading passages focusing on phonics sounds ff ll ss zz, and ck.

Words ending in ff ll ss zz are called ‘Floss rule words’ or ‘double consonant words.’ There is a rule as to why the consonant f l s z is doubled in certain words.


ff ll ss zz spelling rule explained


What is Floss rule?

If a word has only one vowel and ends with f, l, s or z; double the consonant. So, under this rule s  is spelled ss, l is spelled ll, f is spelled ff, and z is spelled zz.

The -ll and -ss ending is the most common. The -ff ending is less common and -zz is not a very common ending.

There are a few exceptions to the rule. For example: if, of, is, gal, gas, bus, yes etc. In all these words f, l and s come after a short vowel but they are not doubled. Quiz is a word that does not end with a /zz/.

I have created free worksheets for The Floss Rule. I suggest you try these before reading the passages.


spelling rule ck anchor chart for kindergarten and first grade


Please note that phonics sound ck comes only after a single short vowel word. This rule will not apply for words that have more than one vowel coming before the /k/ sound. For example, the word ‘magic’. Here, the /k/ is preceded by two short vowel sounds (a and i) so the rule does not apply. Another example can be of the word ‘shook’. ‘oo’ is not a short vowel sound so there will be no /ck/ sound.

I have created free worksheets for The ck Rule. I suggest you try these before reading the phonics passages.


reading passages for phonics sound ff ll ss zz and ck


Highlight words with the focus sound as you read the passage. E.g. when you read the ck words passage, highlight words like Jack, Buck, snack, sack etc. You can also circle the words. Then based on the text, children will complete the exercise. This little exercise will encourage our little readers to think about what they have read. As parents and teachers, it helps us know if the child has understood the passage.

These short passages with short vowel words focus on helping emergent readers to develop confidence and fluency, and also check comprehension. Children can use simple sight word knowledge and blending skills to enjoy these passages.

These reading passages are well suited to shared reading, guided reading, and independent work, depending on the skill level of individual readers and the intent of the lesson.

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