Phonics sounds

Phonics sounds

Welcome to English Safari! I am Payal and this is my first ever blog post. Needless to say, I am over the moon. Literacy is my passion. I have been conducting phonics workshops and after school classes for the past five years. Reading is an important if not the most important skill which can be developed during the early years of a child’s life.

Why blogging?

While Phonics is a part of the school’s curriculum in most countries, it is a relatively new subject in India. Teaching children and interacting with their parents, I realized how petrified most parents are of phonics sounds. I do not blame the parents. Is this how we learned to read when we were little? No. Also, there is a lack of reliable resources to learn from which leaves the poor parents unclear.

A lot is left to be desired in the way phonics sounds are is being taught in schools. Most children are found lacking when it comes to phonics and reading and teachers ask parents to work harder on the kids during those PTM’s (Parent-teacher meet) Is that fair?

I have seen the look on those parent’s faces and it’s not pretty. Being asked to teach something you were never taught! Most admissions to my classes are after PTM’s.

I feel there is a huge gap that needs to be bridged.

Through my FaceBook page, I receive regular queries from mothers all over the country who want Jolly Phonics classes for their children. Slowly, it dawned upon me that teaching 50-100 children a day is not enough. I had to do more. Fuelled by this passion, came the idea for my website.

Closing the gap!

Through this platform, I would like to connect with you. I would like to assist you with phonics worksheets, grammar worksheets, reading suggestions, lesson plans, games, and other thoughtful resources.

I will be sharing a phonics sounds set with you. It contains beginning sounds worksheets from a to z.

Let’s discuss the beginning sounds worksheets.


jolly phonics for preschool and kindergarten Phonics beginning vowel sound ‘a’

These worksheets require no preparation. Just print and use them.


jolly phonics activity for kindergarten and preschool

Do not forget to try my free printable for teachers which is an addictive beginning sounds game that you can play with kids. It is a great way to revisit phonics sounds. You can download it by clicking on the image above.

The children first color both the uppercase and lowercase alphabet for the sound. I like to try rainbow coloring for these worksheets. Rainbow coloring allows the child to practice the letter formation several times in different colors. It also looks very attractive.


beginning sound z worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

Beginning sound z

Then we have ‘circle the letter’ activity. This helps the child distinguish the letters from one another.

  There are six pictures beginning with that sound which the child can color.


preschool worksheets beginning sound for qu

Beginning sound qu

jolly phonics worksheets for preschool and kindergarten

Beginning sound q

For the ‘qu’ sound, I am sharing two worksheets, one for ‘q’ and the other for ‘qu.’ The sound is basically ‘qu’ but most schools teach it as ‘q’ when it comes to beginning sounds. So, I decided to make both. ‘q’ and ‘u’ come together to make the sound /kw/. Also, there is a letter tracing activity towards the end of every worksheet. The child can trace both uppercase and lowercase letters for a particular sound.


I would like to recommend a delightful read – ‘LMNO Peas’ by ‘Keith Baker’ for learning the alphabet and their beginning sounds. From A to Z—and Acrobat Peas to Zoologist Peas—every letter is exciting in this book. It will certainly make your child’s world more colorful.


The book has rhyming rhythm and the peas have a wide range of occupations – perfect to spark interest and imagination. This book really is a gem.



jolly phonics for preschool and kindergarten

sound x

Regarding the sound, ‘x’, the worksheet has pictures where you can hear the ‘x’ sound but not in the beginning. This is because there are no words that begin with the ‘x’ sound. ‘x’ sound comes mostly at the end of words. This set is a must when I am teaching or revising beginning sounds with preschoolers and kindergarteners.


beginning sounds worksheets for preschool

This worksheet Pack is free for subscribers to download.