Phonics Beginning sounds a-z  – Sort the pictures!

Phonics Beginning sounds a-z – Sort the pictures!

In this post, I will be sharing ‘phonics beginning sounds worksheets‘ picture sort Pack.



beginning sounds cut and paste worksheets for kindergarten

beginning sounds worksheets cut and paste Pack


As our little learners get acquainted with phonics beginning sounds, it is important that they keeping revisiting these beginning sounds and learn to differentiate between the sounds.

This ‘phonics beginning sounds worksheets‘ for kindergarten pack has been designed just for that. You can sort pictures for four beginning sounds at a time in alphabetical order.


phonics beginning sounds worksheets cut and paste for a b c d

Beginning sound a b c d picture sort

In this worksheet, the child needs to differentiate among the four beginning sounds ‘a b c d.’ Sometimes, it can be overwhelming and tricky for the little one. Instead of four, you can try two beginning sounds at a time. It all depends on the comfort of the child. You can do all four beginning sounds together the next time when you feel your child is up for it.

Trust me, your kiddo is going to love this activity and would not mind doing it again. Before handing the child a worksheet, I first like to revise the sounds with the child so please make sure you do that. I make them practice using Jolly Phonics jingles and also using objects in the house.

Objects in the house- For the sound ‘a’ – an apple or ants

Then, the sound ‘b’ – a bat or a ball or¬† a box or the balcony

For the sound ‘c’- curtains, a car or a clock or cooler

Try this for the sound ‘d’- The door or a doll or the dining table.

These things are more or less always available in the house. With this activity, the child learns the names of new things in the house and since the child will be seeing these things every day, she will remember it better.

I prefer such organic methods of teaching children. These methods are stress-free, zero preparation, and help in building a good bond with the child.


beginning sounds worksheets for preschool


Let your kiddo color the images and tell you what is on those images.

beginning sounds phonics worksheets for kindergarten and preschool

Beginning sound i j k l picture sort


I have prepared these worksheets for all the 26 letters of the English language.


phonics beginning sound pictures worksheets for preschool

beginning sound cut and paste worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

phonics beginning sound r s t u picture sort





jolly phonics beginning sounds games for kindergarten and preschool

This ‘phonics beginning sounds worksheets’ Pack can be practiced along with this beginning sounds game that I have prepared for preschool and kindergarten. It is an addictive card game and your kids will love it.



beginning sounds worksheets pdf for preschool and kindergarten

Regarding the sound ‘qu’, ‘q’ and ‘u’ come together to make the sound /kw/. For sound /x/, stick the pictures that have the sound /x/ in them. It may not be in the beginning.


phonics sound qu cut and paste worksheet for kindergarten

The answers are provided in the pack.

I hope you find this ‘phonics beginning sounds worksheets‘ Pack useful.