pencil control worksheets

pencil control worksheets

This set of preschool worksheets is perfect for developing pencil control. This PDF pack consists of 4 worksheets and 16 variations to practice different types of lines, such as curved, arched, zig-zag, and straight lines. It will improve their fine motor skills. This resource will provide children with the practice they need to begin forming different letter shapes and enhance the pencil control that will eventually lead them to good handwriting.

These worksheets are perfect for 4-year-old kids and besides the obvious pencil control practice, they will learn other things too.


pencil control worksheets for preschool and kindergarten


Follow the path to help the animals reach their homes. Isn’t this a fun theme for preschoolers? With this worksheet, kids can also be taught that a bee lives in a bee-hive, a dog lives in a kennel, a bear lives in a den and a bird lives in a nest. Your kids will definitely enjoy taking the animals to their respective homes. Let the children make the buzzing bee noise or fly like a bird when trying this worksheet.


pencil control worksheets pdf for preschool and kindergarten


The theme for the next worksheet is bugs and flowers. The children have to take the bugs to the flowers by tracing the path. These colorful illustrations in these worksheets are sure to spark interest and engagement in children at home or in the classroom.


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You can also use your little one’s creativity as bookmarks 🙂

For this, you will need to print the sheets on card stock or a thick sheet. Cut along the lines and you have bookmarks.

Holding a pencil the correct way will not be an easy task for your child. It requires strength as well as dexterity. I begin with bulb crayons and then move on to thinner crayons for coloring before teaching them how to hold a pencil. It is important for children to learn the correct pencil grip at the beginning since it is even more difficult to correct them later. Correct grip ensures smoother writing and incorrect pencil grip will lead to pain in the hands coupled with fatigue.



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