number words in English language

number words in English language

Number words such as one, three, eight, eleven, fourteen, twenty, etc. appear so frequently in the English language when reading that we don’t our little readers stopping to sound them out each time they see one. They should be able to recognize them immediately. That is why I created these sight words activity that focuses on numbers. I have covered the numbers from one to twenty in this activity.





The above video demonstrates how this activity is to be performed. I have used fruits and vegetables as pictures for this activity. Cut the fruit or vegetable strips and hand it over to the children and let them form the number in words as they try to form the picture. Do not forget to make them practice writing the words.



sight words numbers one two three four in words for kindergarten and first grade



The PDF file is in letter paper format. Each sheet has 2 or 4 puzzles. There are 20 puzzles in all. Print out the sheets and cut the puzzles. Then let the children form the words. Use a thicker sheet for printing out these puzzles. You can also laminate these for durability.



sight words activity to learn spelling of numbers five six seven eight in words form



Using words to write short numbers makes your writing look clean and classy. When you are writing words in numbers, they are easy to read words and hard to mistake for each other.


number nine and ten words activity for kindergarten and first grade



To make number words fun for children, I suggest a fun read – Ten apples up on top by Dr. Seuss. Children will learn to count in this crazy tale of a dog, a lion and a tiger all showing off how many apples they can balance on their heads as they skip, walk the tightrope, and roller skate their way through the book.



This book covers numbers from one to ten.




free number eleven and twelve words activity for kindergarten and first grade



This pack is free for subscribers to download. Click on the image below to download the free PDF file.


number 1 to 20 in english language for kindergarten and first grade