Nouns or Naming words Pack

Nouns or Naming words Pack

Grammar! It is a dreaded word for everyone and always associated with errors and correctness.

Grammar forms the foundation of communication. Are knowing the words in the English language enough? No! Grammar helps us string the words into meaningful sentences and make complete sense out of it.

Let’s take a quick example.

Let’s eat mommy! vs Let’s eat, mommy!

The difference is just in punctuation (a comma) but it changes the entire meaning of the sentence. Grammar is important for clear communication.

Grammar helps you speak fluently.

In my grammar program under English Safari, I will be covering








punctuation etc. so that a solid foundation for written and spoken English is laid.

Today, we will begin with nouns which are also known as naming words.

I will be sharing nouns for kindergarten worksheets in this post along with an anchor chart.


nouns anchor chart first grade

Nouns anchor chart

A noun is a word that names a person, place, animal or thing.

Nouns form the building blocks of English grammar. In the English language, there are more nouns than any other type of word. Nouns are basic to a sentence structure since they serve as the subject of the sentence. A sentence is incomplete without a subject.

Person: businessman, maid, father, driver, teacher etc.

Place: hospital, bedroom, town, India etc.

Animal: tiger, dog, alligator, elephant etc.

Thing: table, mango, television, book etc..

The next nouns for kindergarten worksheet is about being creative and draw one of each- person, place, animal and thing. Example: mom, house, bug, sun etc.


nouns kindergarten and first grade

The next worksheet is a cut and paste worksheet where our little learners will read the word tiles and decide whether it is a person or not.

nouns for person kindergarten and first grade

Person- mom, cop, king, dad, elf and kid

Not a person- feet, blocks, beg, dog, cat and cross.

The next worksheet is a similar cut and paste worksheet which deals with place. The tiles need to be pasted in the correct box.



nouns for place for kindergarten                                                                                         place or not a place

Place- slum, shed, shop, shack, kitchen and room

Not a place- cop, blocks, dad, men, maid, and cross

Now, we move on to the next and look for the animals in the tiles. You might also find lessons and worksheets in books and otherwise where animals are covered under ‘things’ but I will be taking them separately as a group.

Please note that birds also fall under the category of animals. The bird group falls under one of the six basic animal groups.



noun cut and paste worksheets                                                                                     Animal or not an animal

Animal- fish, frog, duck, moth, crab, and ant.

Not an animal- swim, blocks, chest, lad, men, and cross.

These worksheets can be complemented with a simple ‘Noun Sort’ game that I have prepared. The kids are going to love it.




naming words example for first grade                                                                                       A thing or not a thing

In the last worksheet of this pack, our little learners will separate ‘thing’ and ‘not a thing’.

Thing- bulb, blocks, raft, milk, golf, and mask.

Not a thing- bug, dig, slim, fast, skip, and dim.

These worksheets will provide your child with a basic knowledge of nouns. In the next few weeks, I will be sharing lessons and resources for common nouns, proper nouns, singular and plural nouns, basic collective nouns, gender nouns, etc.

For more ‘nouns for kindergarten’ worksheets on different kinds of nouns, please go here.