Ending consonant blend – nk

Ending consonant blend – nk

Consonant blends or clusters are two or more consonants together in which each consonant is pronounced, with no vowel sounds in between them. Ending consonant blends are also called final consonant blends. Final consonant blends can be challenging to decode because the match between the spoken and written forms is not perfect.

Children usually miss one of the sounds from the blend. ‘sink’ is sometimes pronounced or written as ‘sin’ or ‘tent’ is written ‘tet.’ An extra effort needs to be made to draw their attention to each consonant sound and its letter. Therefore, I will be sharing worksheets for ending blends individually so children can get maximum practice with ending consonant blend words.

Before attempting ending blends, it is advisable to do beginning blends since they are easier. Check this space for free worksheets for beginning blends like, bl, cl, fl, gr, pr tr, sm, sw, sp etc

The focus for today is the nk blend words.



nk words worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

The first ending blend worksheet is reading simple nk words. The words are mainly 4 letter words that are apt for introducing the nk blend. Read the words and color the nk blend for each word. For nk words flashcards with pictures, go here.


nk words cut and paste worksheet for kindergarten and first grade



The next worksheet is a fun picture sort worksheet. Children really enjoy attempting these cut and paste worksheets. Cut the pictures and read the nk words. Highlight the nk sound for each word. Highlighting is important to register the sound especially when more than one letter is involved in the formation of the sound. Paste the pictures under the correct word.


nk words write worksheet for kindergarten and first grade




Read the -nk words in the word bank and write them in the blocks under the pictures.



nk words word sort cut paste worksheet for kindergarten and first grade



This is another cut and paste, word sort worksheet for nk words. Sort them words under ank, ink, onk and junk.


ending blend nk sentences worksheet for kindergarten and first grade


Look at the picture and unscramble the words to form a logical sentence and write it following basic punctuation.

-nk sound is often confused with the -ng sound. Download free worksheets to practice the -ng sound by checking this space.


nk blend puzzle worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

The last worksheet is a nk blend words puzzle exercise. Cut the squares and you will have six puzzles. Now cut along the dotted line and you will have three strips for each word puzzle. Let the child to form the picture and read the word. Stick it in the notebook and write a sentence using the word.

These ending blend nk worksheets are free for subscribers to download.