Consonant blend ‘mp’ words

Consonant blend ‘mp’ words

Ending consonant blends are blends that come towards the end of the word. Consonant blends consist of two or three consonants coming together and you hear the sound of each consonant. E.g ramp, cusp, tusk, must, pond, sink, mint, etc.

You should only begin teaching ending blends once beginning blends have been covered.


four letter words ending in mp words list for kindergarten and first grade

In the above worksheet read the words and highlight the ‘mp sound.’ I have used only four-letter short vowel words so it is ideal for introducing this blend. This is also a perfect special education resource.


cut and paste mp words worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

The next worksheet is for sorting pictures of words ending in mp. Cut the picture tiles, read the words, and paste the pictures under the correct word. Children really enjoy doing these cut and paste worksheets.


kindergarten worksheet for short vowel mp words

The next is again a cut and paste worksheet. It is a word sort worksheets where children have to read the mp words and sort them into amp, imp, omp, and ump words. Cut the word tiles and paste them in the correct box.


write the mp words worksheet for first grade and kindergarten

The next worksheet is for writing word that have the mp sound. Read the words in the word bank and then write them under the blocks in the pictures. To make it more challenging, have the children read the words and then hide the words by folding the sheet so the children cannot see the words. This can serve as a dictation.


mp blend sentences worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

Unscramble words to form a logical sentence using basic punctuation. The sentences are simple and I have focused on words with the mp sound. These make sentences worksheets help a child understand sentence structure or formation which is important to make meaningful and error-free sentences.


mp words puzzle worksheets for ending blend mp

The last is a free fun worksheet for children. There are six words with pictures. Cut along the dark lines and you get six squares. Cut each square into three strips. Now give the three strips to the child and let her form the picture and then read the word. Stick the word in the notebook. Encourage the child to write a sentence using the word.

E.g. The lamp is on the desk.

The man is limping.

The truck dumps the trash.

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