magic e worksheets long a

magic e worksheets long a

Magic e is found at the end of a word. It remains silent but it makes the other vowel say its name. E.g. pan becomes pane. Pan has the short vowel a sound and pane has the long vowel sound. The Bossy E at the end of the word ‘pane’ has forced short a to change its sound to long a. Silent E remains silent. I will be sharing worksheets with the Magic E.


magic e rule poster for first grade



The above anchor chart can be used as a wall display. It shows how adding Magic E changes the word. Man becomes mane, mat becomes mate and tap becomes tape.



magic e words list for first grade


Read the words with ‘long a’ in the above Bossy E words list and highlight the a and e.


magic e words ending with ate list for kindergarten and first grade



I have created a Magic E word list Pack for ‘long a words.’ You can read -ace, -ade, -age, -ake, -ale, -ame, -ane, -ape, -are, -ate and -ave words in that pack. Download it by clicking on the ate word list above. With more than 150 words in the 11 phonics word list, your child will get a good practice reading Magic e words.



magic e cut paste worksheet for first grade


The next is a cut and paste picture sort worksheet. Cut the picture tiles. Read the words and paste the pictures in the correct block.



teaching magic e using magic wand


This is another way to make your magic e lesson a lot of fun for your children. Make a star with e written on it and stick it to a fly swatter. Write short vowel words and then put the magic e wand at the end of the word thereby adding an e to the word and have the children read it. Kids in my class love reading out Magic e words whenever I try this activity.




magic e words with a worksheet for class 1



The next worksheet is also a cut and paste worksheet. Read the CVC word and see the picture. In the next column add ‘e’ in the space provided and read the word. See how silent E has changed the word. Identify the picture that matches the word and paste it in the box.



magic e words worksheet for grade 1


Read the words in the word bank and write them next to the correct picture You will notice that I have used only four-letter words in my worksheets. It is an ideal pack to introduce Bossy E to your kids.



long vowels and short vowels worksheets for grade 1



The worksheet is for long vowel and short vowel sounds. Identify the picture and circle the correct word. Only one option is correct.



magic e words sentences for first grade



Unscramble the words to form a logical sentence in the above worksheet.

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