life cycle worksheets

life cycle worksheets

A life cycle is a series of changes that an organism goes through starting from the time it is conceived to the time that it reproduces an offspring of its own. You will understand the life cycle better with the help of the worksheets that I will be sharing in this post.


life cycle of a chicken worksheet for 1st grade



The life cycle of a chicken

Cut the picture tiles and paste them under the name it represents. First, the hen lays eggs. Then, the hen incubates the egg. It sits or squats on the egg to keep it warm. This is called ‘incubation.’ The embryo eats the yolk for food and keeps growing. After a few days, the eggs hatch. The chick grows. The chick is now a chicken. The chicken will lay eggs and the cycle will begin again. The yellow arrows represent the life cycle.


life cycle of an apple tree worksheet for 1st grade


These worksheets are simple and can be attempted by kindergarteners as well.

The above worksheet is about the life cycle of an apple tree. The little brown pips you see when you cut an apple in half are apple seeds. The apple seeds are planted in the soil. The sun will keep the soil warm. The rain will keep the soil moist.

The seed will sprout in a few weeks. This is called germination.

In a few years, the tree will grow to full size. The buds will produce beautiful white blossoms. Bees will buzz and take pollen from one flower to another flower. This is called pollination. Pollination helps fertilize the blossoms. After the bees pollinate the blossoms, these blossoms will begin to turn to little apples. The tree will grow juicy apples. The apples will have seeds that can be planted to grow more trees.


life cycle of a flower worksheet for 1st grade


I have prepared a booklet that explains the life cycle of a plant. Do check it. The life cycle of a plant can also be done practically with kids. They will really enjoy planting seeds and taking care of their plants.


life cycle of a butterfly worksheet for 1st grade





life cycle of a sunflower worksheet for 1st grade




life cycle of a bee worksheet for 1st grade




life cycle of a frog worksheet for 1st grade

The life cycle of a frog.

These worksheets for life cycle of chicken, butterfly, apples, flowers etc. free for subscribers to download.