life cycle of a butterfly

life cycle of a butterfly

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If there is one life cycle that is truly amazing, it is that of a butterfly.  A butterfly does not begin its life as an insect with colorful long wings. A butterfly actually transforms itself in each stage.

In this post, I will be sharing a booklet that will explore the various stages in the life of a butterfly in detail.


life cycle of a butterfly for third grade



The book is extremely simple to assemble and requires 5 sheets. The PDF file is in letter paper format. Print out the 5 sheets and then cut along the dotted line in the center. Assemble the pages and staple. Your booklet is ready.

I have created the book in color as well as black and white so that children can color as they read.



butterfly life cycle for third grade


If I were to suggest a book for little kids to understand the wonderful life cycle of a butterfly, it would be ‘The very hungry caterpillar.’



This book is a must-read for children. The illustrations are beautiful and children will have you read it again and again for them.



life cycle of a butterfly booklet for kids



I have explained the life cycle in 8 stages so it is very detailed. I have tried to keep the language simple. I would suggest printing out the black and version for little ones so they can color it as well.


life cycle of a butterfly lesson plan for fifth grade


I have tried to keep the lesson informative, detailed, and interesting. You can read out this book to your little ones and they will really enjoy it. Third-grade children can read it themselves.



life cycle of a butterfly free lesson plan pdf



On the last page, you will find the diagram of the butterfly’s life cycle. It will help the child understand the life cycle in the true sense. How an adult butterfly lays eggs and the cycle begins again!

This book is free for subscribers to download.