letter reversals m and w

letter reversals m and w

Letter reversals or reversing letters is quite common with preschoolers and kindergarteners. It’s very common between mirror images b and d. It is also quite common between m and w which we will be discussing today. Simply copying letters does not help. Errors in the letter formation should be addressed early. Repeated errors will only reinforce letter reversals. Constant practice is required and for that reason, I have prepared this set of worksheets.



letter reversal poster for confusing m and w






The above anchor chart for letter m and w will help establish a mental image for each letter. ‘m’ goes up like the mountains and ‘w’ goes down like the waves r water. Visual memory is important for kids who tend to get confused between letters. Children confuse letters because they have trouble pulling them from memory.



free printable letter reversal cut and paste worksheet for m and w









The first worksheet is for sorting the letters m and w. Cut the letter tiles and paste them in the correct box.



letter reversals m and w worksheet for kindergarten and first grade








The next worksheet is again a cut and paste worksheet. Cut the letter tiles. Identify the pictures and paste the correct sound in the space provided.



letter reversals cut and paste worksheet for preschool and kindergarten







The next is picture sort worksheet for ‘m and w.’ Cut the picture tiles, identify the pictures and their beginning sounds, and paste them in the correct box.



printable letter reversal worksheet for m and w





In the above worksheet, identify the picture and write its beginning sound. It will either be m or w.



dyslexia letter reversals worksheet for letters m and w






The next worksheet will be quite challenging for our little ones. The m’s are to be circled and the w’s are to be underlined.



letter reversals worksheets pdf for letter m and w





The last worksheet is a CVC words worksheet where either the ‘m or the w’ sound is missing from each word. Write the correct sound to complete the word.

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