b and d letter reversal Pack 3

b and d letter reversal Pack 3

Hi! It’s time for the third pack of ‘letter reversal worksheets‘  for b and d. These letter reversal worksheets will hopefully end the d and b confusion.

I would suggest you take a print out of d and b poster and stick it on your child’s room door or cupboard. Somewhere where your child is sure to see at least once a day. This visual aid helps in registering and thus discriminating between the two letters.



b and d worksheets dyslexia for kindergarten, preschool and first grade.


When handling the topic of the letter confusion, I use the letter sort worksheet as a warmup exercise for our little learners.


b and d confusion worksheet for kindergarten

Circle the correct word. This worksheet proves to be quite tricky and challenging for my kids. The only difference between the words is that the d and b letters have been interchanged. It becomes more complex to discriminate between letter b and d when reading a word.

The pictures are

cob  wed  bit

meds bus  bun

God  web  lid


letter reversal b and d worksheet free for kindergarten

The next two-letter reversal worksheets have the d and b sound missing from them. The child has to identify the sound of the picture and then write it to complete the word.


bin  bot

cob cub

cod bus

hob bum

bun sub


letter reversal worksheets for b and d for kindergarten



pod dot

dip med

job mad

mob nib

sad pad


letter reversal worksheets for d and b for kindergarten


The next letter reversal worksheet in this pack is a word family worksheet where the ending sound is either ‘b’ or ‘d’. The child has to paste the word family tile to complete the word.

bud dad bad

nib wed sad

hob mad sub


kindergarten letters worksheets for letters b and d


The last b and d worksheet is a ‘this’ or ‘that’ worksheet using CVC words. This b and d worksheet will enable your child to form simple sentences.

Please do not forget to tell your child that a basic sentence always begins with a capital letter and ends with a period (full stop).

This is a bus.

That is a bin.

This is a bot.

That is a bib.

That is a hob.

That is a web.

This is a cab.


this that rule for kindergarten and first grade

I have also included a resource that explains the concept of this and that.


this or that worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

This ‘letter reversal worksheets’ pack is a subscriber freebie.