letter and sound activities a to z

letter and sound activities a to z

How do we begin teaching phonics sounds? We start with beginning sounds. Letter and beginning sound activities play an important role in teaching phonics. Not only will this activity help practice beginning sounds but also encourage kids to match uppercase letters with lowercase letters. This pack covers all the letters and sounds from a to z.





The above video shows one way in which this activity can be done. I have used a table mat and tiles for uppercase and lowercase letters a to f and 2 pictures beginning with each sound. This activity will especially work well as a special education resource.


letter and sound activities a to z for preschool and kindergarten


The PDF file has 5 sheets like the one above. Cut along the dotted lines and you will have letters, sounds, and picture tiles. You can also laminate these for durability.





You can either do this activity directly on the table or a table mat or you could print out the above mats for this activity.

How you want to do this activity is totally up to you and the children’s level of understanding.

For beginners, I lay out 5-6 uppercase letters and then have them sort out and match the lowercase letters. Then, I give them 5-6 pictures and they can match it to the alphabet and its sound.


A book that will go perfectly with this is ‘Dr. Seuss’s ABC: An amazing alphabet book!’ The illustrations are vivid and entertaining. For each letter, the uppercase and lower case forms are shown along with a catchy rhyme to demonstrate a range of possible ways the letter might sound. For example Big F, little f, what begins with f? Four Fluffy Feathers on a Fiffer-Feffer-Feff. You cannot go wrong with this one.





a to z alphabet activity for preschool and kindergarten



I like to make a catchy jingle out of these activity in the class and the children love it. They are also quick to catch on. Encourage them to say the jingle as they place the tiles.

The letter is A ( say the alphabet)

The sound is a (say the sound)

a is for astronaut ( say the sound and the picture that begins with that sound)


The letter is B

b is the sound

b is for banana


The letter is C

c is the sound

c is for cat


The letter is D

d is the sound

d is for duck


The letter is E

e is the sound

e is for egg


F is the letter

f is the sound

What begins with f?

f is for fish


jolly phonics beginning sounds games for kindergarten and preschool



I highly recommend playing the above game with your kids once you are done with this activity. Make sure you play the game with the kids. It ensures positive involvement and a better understanding of the game for the children. Click on the above image to go to the blog post and download it.


uppercase and lowercase letter activity along with sounds for kindergarten and first grade



There are so many ways in which you can do this versatile activity with kids.
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