common nouns

common nouns

**UPDATE** I have uploaded Pack II of common nouns worksheets on my website. It’s free. Click here to go to the post and download it.

Last week, we discussed nouns and I shared a resource that consisted of simple practice worksheets for Grade I children. You can find the resource here.

What are common nouns?

Nouns that name people, places, animals and things that are not specific. They are not the actual NAMES of people, places, animals or things.

For example, ‘dog’ is a common noun, but the name of the dog, ‘Buzo’ is not because it names a particular dog.

In the same way, ‘highway’ is a common noun, but ‘National Highway 24’ is not because it names a specific or particular highway.

Nouns are all around us. Look around your house. There is a GATE, a GUARD, a GARDEN, PLANTS, a CAR, a PET, KITCHEN, DINING ROOM, BEDROOM, BATHROOM, TABLE, CHAIR, MOM, DAD etc.

The common noun does not begin with a capital letter unless it is the first word in a sentence. For example, Dad is going to the pharmacy. Here, dad is a common noun but it begins with a capital letter because it is the first word of the sentence.

Common nouns are named as such because they help in differentiating with proper nouns which we will discuss later.

In this post, I will be sharing and discussing common nouns worksheets.



person place thing sort worksheet

In the above common nouns worksheet, we will revise the naming words with children. See the picture and color the category it belongs to.

person: cowboy and doctor

place: garden and hotel

animal: peacock and panda

thing: tomato and star


nouns exercises for first grade

In the second nouns worksheet, the child can classify the given nouns into

‘things we can eat’- jam, ham, meat, sweets, chips, and butter

‘things we cannot eat’- table, sand, wood, cup, plate, and tree


nouns worksheets for first grade

The next common nouns worksheet is divided into two parts. In the first, we circle the nouns which are ‘cat, top, mat, rock and neck’.

In the next part, we use these five circled nouns to fill in the blanks.

  1. The top spins
  2. The cat naps.
  3. Mom sat on the rock.
  4. A hat is on the mat.
  5. Her neck is long.


noun sentences worksheet for first grade

In the fourth common nouns worksheet, we first circle the nouns- plane, witch, bunny, bank, star, queen, and ant. This activity helps in differentiating nouns from other parts of speech.

We then use these circled nouns to fill in the blanks.

  1. My dad works in a bank.
  2. We flew to Delhi on a plane.
  3. The star shines in the sky.
  4. The king has a queen.
  5. The witch is on her broom.
  6. My bunny loves carrots.
  7. There is an ant on my apple.

The worksheet has pictures that can be colored.


noun sentences exercise for first grade


In this worksheet, the child will complete the sentences by choosing from the given nouns. There are two rhyming words given for which sentence of which one is correct. There are pictures alongside every sentence that will aid the child in completing the sentences.

Let me share the answers.

  1. I filled the bottle with water
  2. Cows and goats give us milk.
  3. I live with my parents in a house.
  4. A monkey can climb trees.
  5. It’s cold so mom gave me a coat.
  6. A baby cat is called a kitten.
  7. My favorite fruit is peach.


nouns worksheet for first grade


In the next worksheet, there is a short story with missing nouns. Pictures of missing nouns are given and the child needs to write the missing common nouns in the space provided.

I love going to school. I ride my bicycle. My friend takes the bus. Some boys and girls ride in a car with their parents. Kids who have their home nearby, walk to school

Also, there are five other nouns in the story that the child can circle. The nouns are friend, boys, girls, kids, and school.

similes worksheet for first grade


In the seventh and last worksheet from this pack, we use a noun from the word bank to complete the lines. These lines are basically similes. A simile is a figure of speech which involves comparing one thing with another thing of a different kind. It is used to make the description more interesting.

Let me explain with examples from the worksheet.

  1. as slow as a snail
  2. as blind as a bat
  3. as quiet as a mouse
  4. as proud as a peacock
  5. as busy as a bee
  6. as slippery as a fish
  7. as fat as a cow
  8. as tall as a tree
  9. as fast as a cheetah
  10. as happy as a clam

This worksheet can be challenging for Grade I kids but it will be interesting nevertheless.



first grade noun worksheets


This common nouns worksheet Pack is free for subscribers to download.