kindergarten reading comprehension

kindergarten reading comprehension

Our little learners are now confident in reading CVC words. Where do we go next? After completing phonics word families and CVC words with my kindergarten kids, I like to introduce short passages for reading fluency. It helps build confidence and promotes independent reading which is the main aim of phonics. With this ‘reading comprehension‘ Pack, sight words are also introduced.

If you are still looking to practice CVC words with your children, check this space.


phonics reading passages for kindergarten for reading fluency


Above is a passage for word family -it. These simple reading comprehension passages can be attempted by kindergarten kids. The kids are supposed to read the passage three times and color the stars with each read. These stars motivate the kids to read passage 3 times.


kindergarten reading comprehension worksheets for reading fluency



What I usually do is that, towards the end of a class, I revise the word family which is being covered in the passage. Then, I have the children read this passage once. In fact, we read it together as I help them with sight words. After reading it once, the children color the star.

In the next class, we read the same passage again stressing the word family words. We color another star.

For the third read, I ask the children to circle, underline, or highlight the word family words just like you see in the worksheet above. After highlighting the words, we move on to writing them. I also write the words on the board and children can write it from there.

After writing the words, we complete the simple sentences and color the last star.


reading comprehension for kindergarten kids to understand word families



Please understand that these passages are meant for reading fluency, They may not be very meaningful since there are very few words to play around with and it limits creativity.


short vowel cvc word lists for kindergarten


These ‘phonics word families‘ cards can be complemented with the above CVC word lists or bookmarks. There are 36-word family bookmarks. Click on the image above to download the CVC word lists.



kindergarten reading passages for word families and reading fluency



If it is too early for your kindergarten kids to read passages, you can try this phonics sentences pack which is a step towards reading comprehension.

This pack is a subscriber freebie.