indefinite articles – A and AN

indefinite articles – A and AN

Anchor chart for indefinite articles A or AN

A animal or AN animal

A hospital or AN hospital

A woman or AN woman

A orange or AN orange

How do we decide when to say A and when to say AN?

A and AN are both indefinite articles and they have the same meaning,

The rule is really very simple. It depends on the sound at the beginning of the next word. It is the sound that matters, not the spelling.

When do we use ‘a’?

‘A’ is used before the words that begin with a consonant.

What are consonants?

Consonants are all the letters that are not vowels. There are 21 consonants in the English alphabet.

b c d f g h j k l m n p q r s t v w x y z are all the consonants.


a man

a cookie

a dog

a bank

She has a pen.

I live in a house.

When do we use ‘an?’

‘AN’ is used before the words that begin with a vowel sound

Vowels – a e i o u

An igloo

An elf

An ant

An umbrella

He is an astronaut.

I will eat an orange.

What happens when an adjective is added in front of a noun?

It is a big umbrella.

It is a rotten apple.

He is an angry man.

It was an easy test.

The rule is the same. ‘A’ is used before words starting with a consonant sound and ‘AN’ is used before the words starting with a vowel sound.

In this blog post, I am sharing indefinite articles ‘A’ or ‘AN’ poster with you.

I have designed a set of worksheets for ‘A’ and ‘AN.’

The set is free to download!

To download the poster, click on the image below.

Anchor chart for articles A or AN

I hope you find this resource useful.