Long i sound – ie words

Long i sound – ie words

We often come across words like pie, die, lie, fried, cried, dries, magpie, spies, skies, etc. What common in these words? It’s the long vowel sound ‘ie’.

What is a long vowel?

A long vowel is used to refer to the vowel sounds whose pronunciation is the same as its letter name. They are also called ‘alphabet sounds.’

They are called long because we hold them longer than short vowel sounds. But these sounds are not a longer version of short vowels. In fact, they are completely different from each other.

Hear the sound of i in the word spid. It is the short i sound. Now, hear it in the word spied. It is the long i sound.

Let’s discuss the phonics sound ie worksheets.



ie words list for kindergarten and first grade




In the first worksheet, read the words and highlight the ie sound in the list. Highlighting the sound helps a child remember and understand that three letters come together to make the long vowel i sound.


words with ie for kindergarten and first grade



In the above long vowel worksheet, read the long i words. Cut the picture tiles and paste the correct word in the block. Kids really enjoy these cut and paste worksheets and it is a great way to practice long vowel sounds.


words with ie digraph for kindergarten and first grade



In the next long vowel i worksheet, add ‘ie’ in the space and read the words. This worksheet will help the child write the ‘ie’ sound which can be confusing and also read ie words.


ie words worksheet for kindergarten and first grade




Read the long vowel i words in the word bank. Identify the pictures and write the correct words in the blocks. The words are lie, untie, fries, skies, die, tie, magpie, cries, and pie.




ie sentences for kindergarten and first grade




Read these simple long vowel sentences. There are two options of which one can be used to complete the sentence. Use the correct word to complete the sentence.


ie sound words for kindergarten and first grade



The last long vowel worksheet is a pictures puzzle worksheet. Cut the squares and you will have the six puzzles. Now cut along the dotted lines and have the child make the picture and read the word. Paste it in the notebook and write a sentence using the word. Colour the picture.