homophones worksheet

homophones worksheet

Homophones are words that sound the same but have different spellings and different meanings. For this reason, they become quite confusing and one has to understand the context in which the words are being spoken. The worksheets that I will be sharing today will help children practice homophones and make them less confusing.


homophone poster for first grade and for wall display

The above anchor chart can be used as a wall display in class.

I like your blew shirt.


I like your blue shirt.

Blue and blew sound the same but have different spelling and different meanings. Which word is to be used depends on the context.

A shirt can be blue but it cannot be blew.


homophones worksheets for first grade and second grade

In the first worksheet, a picture is given along with a pair of homophones. The child has to decide which word goes with the picture. This exercise will enhance your child’s vocabulary and also improve spellings.

The correct answers are ate, high, sun, won, blew, see, write, four, eye and deer.

Homophones do not necessarily need to be a pair. They can be more than two. ‘To too two‘ are three homophones words that are easily confused not only by children but also adults.


draw the correct picture for the homophone

In the above worksheet, words are given and children have to draw a picture against the word. This can be used as a homework worksheet. It helps assess if the child has understood the meaning of the word.

Before trying this worksheet, It will be a good idea to go through the homophones list that I have prepared.


homophones sentences worksheet for first grade and second grade

In the next worksheet, sentences have to be completed using the correct homophone.

The monkey has a long tail.

Her dress is rather plain.

My son is a pilot.

I sent a mail.

I know the answer.

Where can we meet?

I pray before I sleep.

The ring is made of gold.

Give me some candy.

A dog has four legs.


homophone worksheet for first grade and second grade

The last worksheet can be quite challenging for children. It is a crossword for homophones. Pictures have been provided and children are required t complete the crossword.

Hints are provided in the form of homophones. There are 6 words each for down and across. The homophones of these words will be used to complete the crossword.


knot – not

blew -blue

right – write

pear – pair

sail – sale

bean – been


tail – tale

night -knight

ate -eight

write – right

bee -be

plane – plain

I also have separate task cards and worksheets for frequently confused words ‘it’s its.’ Do try it.

I hope you find this resource useful.