homophone sentences

homophone sentences

Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings and different spellings. A good understanding of homophones is important to master the English language. They enhance vocabulary and also reduce spelling mistakes. Understanding them is important not only for children but also for adults. Before, attempting these sentences, please try the homophone list that I have prepared. It has close to 100 words that will help you understand homophones better.


homophones meaning and anchor chart for first grade and second grade grade and second grade



The above anchor chart explains homophones with examples. It can be used as a wall display.

flour flower

one won

sun son

These examples help us understand the concept better. I like discussing these words on a blackboard or whiteboard which makes it easier for kids to understand.

Before attempting this pack, I suggest you try my pack of homophones worksheets which are simpler and then move on to these task cards.


homophones task card for first grade and second grade



You will find these sentences particularly challenging as a pair of homophones has been used in a single sentence.

There are ants on my aunt’s arm.

The sun is shining over my son.


homophones task cards for first grade and second grade



I ate eight jellybeans.

The wind blew away my blue scarf.

Not only is this activity interesting but also fun.

You can print out the task cards on card stock and laminate them for durability. The sheets are in letter paper format. A sheet has been provided to write the answers.

You can also use these task cards individually and have your child write the answers on the task card itself.

I am frequently asked regarding the printer I use for my printouts. Since I take more than 500 print outs every month, I use Epson Ink tank which is by far the most economical printer I have ever used. The print quality is also really good for colored as well as black and white.




homophone task cards for first grade and second grade



You did write the right answer.

I knew your dress was new.

Let’s meet and eat a meat burger.


homophone task card for first grade and second grade



I rode my bike on the empty road.

I am feeling weak since last week.

I am bored of playing board games.


homophones sentences for first grade and second grade



I won not one but five races.

I had ordered for those four books.

The hare has soft and silky hair.

I came by to buy candy.


homophones worksheets for first grade and second grade



I have also prepared worksheets for the same sentences as in the task cards. You can use either. Task cards can be practiced in class and worksheets can be used for revision at a later time. A lot of parents and teachers also request for resources that consume lesser ink. I hope these worksheets will sort that issue.


homophone worksheet for first grade and second grade



These worksheets or task cards can be used not just by kids but also by adults. It will clear spellings along with their meaning in a much better way.


homophone worksheets for first grade and second grade




homophones worksheet for first grade and second grade



This worksheet pack is free for subscribers to download.