Homographs Pack 1

Homographs Pack 1

Homographs are words that have the same spelling but different meanings. Examples – wind, bear, wave, bark, wound, row, evening, bat, sink, pant, bank etc.

Homo means ‘same’ and graph means ‘write.’ If two words are written identically but do not share a meaning, it is a homograph. They enhance vocabulary.

Homographs are different from homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings. They are not spelled the same and that does cause a lot of confusion.

So, homographs have similar spellings but homophones do not.


homographs list and match worksheet for grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3


In the first worksheet, you have to match the pictures with the words. Each word represents two pictures since homographs have the same spellings but different meanings.


Wave – it can be the movement of your hand when you are calling someone or saying ‘hello’ or ‘bye.’ It can also be the waves in the water.

Bat – a cricket or baseball bat or it can be the animal ‘bat.’

The words can be traced. Your children will surely enjoy this worksheet and it will enhance their vocabulary.


homograph example and list and match worksheet for grade 1, grade


The next is a similar worksheet to the first one. The pictures need to be matched with the words.


homograph words match worksheet for grade 1, grade


Watch – it can mean watching television. A watch can also mean a wristwatch. One is a verb, the other is a noun.

Saw – a sharp object for cutting trees. It is also the past tense for ‘see.’ One is a noun, the other is a verb.

Fly – an insect (housefly) which is a noun but can also be a verb. Fairies can fly!


homographs worksheet for grade 1, grade


In the last worksheet,  we have five homographs in the word bank and ten sentences to complete. Read the sentences and complete them using the words in the words bank. Each word will be used twice.


homograph meaning and worksheets for first grade, second grade and third grade


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