Homograph words Pack 2

Homograph words Pack 2

Words that share the same written form as another word but have different meanings are homographs. Homo means ‘same’ and graph means ‘write.’ If two words are written identically but do not share a meaning, it is a homograph.

Do take off your ring before kneading the dough.

The word ‘ring‘ can be a finger ring or the ring of the phone.

The hen is in the ‘pen.’

A pen can be an animal enclosure or an instrument used to write.

I will order some cinnamon bark.

Bark can be a loud sharp sound a dog makes or it can be the cover on the trunk of a tree.

They can be confusing at first, but once you read them in the context of a sentence, it is easy to figure out which meaning is intended for that particular sentence.


homographs anchor chart for first grade and second grade


The above anchor chart will help you understand homographs better.

Homographs are different from homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings. They are not spelled the same and that does cause a lot of confusion.


match the homograph pairs worksheet for first grade and second grade


In the first worksheet, you have to match the pictures with the words. Each word represents two pictures since homographs have the same spellings but different meanings.

The words can be traced. Your children will surely enjoy this worksheet and it will enhance their vocabulary.


homograph words worksheet for first grade and second grade

The next is a similar worksheet to the first one. The pictures need to be matched with the words.

homograph sentences worksheet for first grade and second grade

In the above worksheet,  we have five homographs in the word bank and ten sentences to complete. Read the sentences and complete them using the words in the words bank. Each word will be used twice.



Pick the correct homograph meaning worksheet for first grade and second grade


In the last worksheet, read the sentence and then circle the correct meaning of the homograph word in the context of the sentence.

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