Free Phonics decodable reading books

Free Phonics decodable reading books

I just finished creating these free phonics decodable reading books and I am extremely happy with the outcome. These have turned out really cute and what I love is that these phonics books can be printed on a single sheet and require little prep.



phonics readers for class 1 and kindergarten


When you introduce these books in class, always discuss the topic first. Tell kids the meaning of hobbies, share your hobbies, and ask kids about their hobbies. Kids will love telling you what they enjoy doing and the toys and games they like to play and how much they enjoy drawing or painting.

Then, read the book with them. These books are decodable up to a great extent.


phonics decodable readers for class 1 and kindergarten



I got the idea to create these books after reading about these topics at The website has plenty of high-quality resources for reading. I have used topics and text from there to create these phonics reading books.


phonics passage for class 1


These books are extremely simple to make. Only one sheet is used. The PDF files are in letter paper format. Since we will be printing on both sides, I suggest using a thick sheet or card stock for these books.


first grade reading books


You only have to cut once along the thick line in the middle and then assemble. The book is numbered. Staple it against the spine and your book is ready.



phonics reading for class 1 and kindergarten


Family trips – you can read this book with your class after a holiday or summer vacation and have the kids tell you about their holiday.



phonics reading book about cats for class 1 and kindergarten


The writing is simple yet interesting. These books will boost your child’s confidence and prepare her to read books with more text.

You can also try free decodable reading comprehension passages based on phonics sounds.



phonics decodable passages for class 1 and kindergarten


I am sharing 10 free decodable books with you. I will continue adding to these as I prepare more. You can click on the names of the phonics books below to download their PDF file.

Do let me know if you face any issue assembling these.



A pond


Stuck in traffic

Family trips


Snack well

A picnic

A Camping Trip

Tadpoles and frogs