free phonics game – ck or k

free phonics game – ck or k

Ck or k spelling rule is an important spelling rule which helps children spell words easily. I usually introduce this rule after The Double Consonant rule or The Floss rule. In this post,  I will be sharing a phonics game for -k and -ck words and it’s free!


ck or k spelling rule anchor chart for kindergarten and first grade



The ck and k words rule applies when we hear the /k/ sound at the end of a single syllable word. You might want to check the detailed ‘Spelling rule ck’ post and download the free anchor chart to make things simpler.

Let’s discuss the phonics game to teach or practice the ck and k rule.


free phonics game for words ending in ck




Directions: There are 2 sheets with sky and clouds on it. The -ck sky is for the -ck words kites and the -k sky is for the -k word kites. Print out the –k and –ck sky sheets and the kites.

Page 5-7 has kites of smaller sizes and Page 8-10 has kites of a bigger size. I made the kits in a bigger size after feedback from parents.

You can also print this phonics game on cardstock and laminate it for durability. Laminate the sky sheets and kites and use dry erase markers to write ‘-k or -ck’ on the kites. That way, you can use this game for a long time.





words ending in k activity for first grade



You can also play without laminating it. Children can stick the kites on the -k or -ck sky.

HOW TO PLAY: Cut the kites and give them to the children. The ending sound for all the words on the kites is /k/. The child has to decide whether it is –k or –ck and write it. Sort the kites and place/stick them on the –k and –ck sky sheets. Teachers can add their own words to empty kites.




Record your answers in the sheet provided. I have a set of worksheets for words ending in ck and k. Do try those worksheets in class before playing this game.


free phonics game for kids to understand the spelling rules



This phonics game for -k and -ck sound is free for subscribers to download.