Lowercase letter tracing worksheets

Lowercase letter tracing worksheets

Should preschool kids trace letters? Are tracing letters helpful? Are tracing letters harmful? There are many opinions about it. Some say kids should not trace and some say they should. I believe kids can trace begin to trace once they can grip a pencil properly. These free worksheets focus on tracing lowercase letter a to z.


preschool traceable letter worksheet for lowercase a

This set is a simple no-fuss pack that can be practiced at home or at school. Each letter has a separate worksheet. In the above worksheet, 15 lowercase a’ have to be traced. There are blocks provided where children can also attempt at writing lowercase a.

There are two pictures that begin with the sound that letter ‘a’ makes. They can be colored. Please note that the pictures are based on the beginning sounds of the letters.


free preschool letter tracing worksheet for lowercase letter b

I like to do these worksheets along with learning beginning sounds. I have a wonderful beginning sound pack for preschoolers where they can learn and understand beginning sounds with the help of pictures.


letter tracing worksheet for lowercase letter c

beginning sounds activities and games for preschool and kindergarten for homeschool


I have a beginning sound mat activity pack that your preschoolers will love. Do try it. I find flashcards very helpful when teaching preschoolers. They are also great when revisiting sounds. In my beginning sound flashcards, you will find the uppercase and lowercase letter in a big font accompanied by 2 pictures.


free alphabet worksheet for tracing lowercase letter h


free preschool tracing worksheet for lowercase j



preschool tracing worksheet for lowercase v


tracing worksheet for lowercase y


free preschool worksheet for lowercase letter z


You can choose to do both uppercase and lowercase letters together. I like to club these worksheets with my uppercase and lowercase letter match worksheets.


free preschool letter tracing worksheets for lowercase alphabet a to z


These worksheets for lowercase letter tracing are free for subscribers to download.