for and since worksheets – prepositions of time

for and since worksheets – prepositions of time

The usage of prepositions of time is a common problem that English learners face. Two of the most common prepositions for kids are for and since.

Prepositions help us communicate the passage of time. It helps us talk or describe an event that began in the past and continued into the future.

Prepositions for kids is often used to place a noun or pronoun in time.


for and since rules anchor chart for third grade

The correct usage of for and since is confusing not only for kids but also for children.

The above prepositions ‘for and since’ anchor chart explains their usage.



for and since exercises with answers for fifth grade

Let’s take an example.

She has been playing tennis for two hours.

She has been playing tennis since 2010.


We use the preposition for to talk about a period of time or an amount of time or space. The period of time could be minutes, days, months, or even years. You could also use for when you are talking about vague periods of time. For example, for the weekend, for hours, for ages or for a long time.


We use since if the starting point is given. Since can refer to a point after a specific time or event in the past. It can also refer to a particular point beginning sometime in the past and continuing until the present time.

The starting point in time could be anything. Example noon, 2010, December, last Friday, etc.


prepositions of time for fourth grade



‘For’ is used if the period of time is given.

‘Since’ is used if the starting point is given.

In this post, I am sharing 28 task cards with sentences that can be completed by using for or since.


prepositions of time for second grade

I have used the same sentences in the worksheets below. You can choose either. I usually print these task cards on cardstock and laminate them for durability. I use these in class.


for and since difference exercise for fifth grade


The answers have been provided in a separate sheet. These task cards will give you enough practice to understand its usage.


prepositions of time for third grade


This for and since exercise is not just for kids. Since it is a common problem among adults too, they can benefit from these prepositions worksheets too.


prepositions of time for fourth grade





prepositions of time for and since for second grade


An answer sheet has been provided to record your answers.


prepositions of time worksheets for second grade



Please note that the sentences in the task cards and the worksheets are the same. I also have a lesson plan for prepositions of place that you can read.


prepositions of time worksheets for third grade



I have a prepositions worksheets pack that has exercises to practice ‘prepositions of place’ like in, on under, behind, etc.


prepositions of time worksheets for fourth grade



for and since worksheets with answers for fourth grade

This prepositions pack is free for subscribers to download.