Ending sounds worksheets

Ending sounds worksheets

Our little readers have learned to isolate beginning sounds easily by now. But ending sounds are tougher to isolate. These worksheets will help children understand the ending sounds in words which are important when they begin writing words.


ending sounds for three letter words worksheet CVC words for kindergarten and grade1

I have used only short vowel words for these worksheets. What I try and do is that I stretch the ending sound a little longer so that the child gets it.


short vowel ending sounds worksheet CVC words for kindergarten and grade1

I have also included words and pictures with ‘x’ as the ending sounds. It can be a little tricky and confusing but with enough practice, the child will get a hang of this sound.

This pack can be complemented with a wonderful and addictive game to practice CVC words – I have… Who has?  Do try it.


ending sounds for cvc words worksheet CVC words for kindergarten and grade1

Before attempting this pack, I usually try this word families activity pack with them. Here the child has to identify the word family which is the middle and ending sound together.



ending sounds worksheet CVC words for kindergarten and grade1

I have tried to keep a lot of variation with the ending sounds in these worksheets to make them more challenging. These 5 worksheets will cover most sounds if not all. After completing this set, you can try reading simple sentences with your child. Try this ‘Phonics reading’ Pack to introduce reading to your child.



ending sounds worksheet for kindergarten and grade 1 sounds worksheet

I have also shared a free pack of ‘Ending Sounds clip it cards’ to help children recognize ending sounds. Do download it by clicking on the image below.


ending sounds cards activity for preschool, kindergarten and first grade

Three ending sounds are given for each picture and the child has to clip the correct one. Since the child is limited to three sounds, it will help the child grasp ending sounds quicker. Also, they are so much fun!


free ending sound CVC word worksheets for kindergarten and grade 1

This resource can also be used as a special education resource. It is free for subscribers to download.