digraphs for kids

digraphs for kids

Word scrambles are useful educational tools. They are challenging as well as interesting as they test a child’s problem-solving skills. Word scrambles also make children better spellers. I use these unscramble words worksheets in the classroom as well as home use. In this post, I will be sharing digraphs worksheets for kids.


free digraphs for kids worksheet for digraph

A digraph is two letters that make just one sound.

A consonant digraph is two adjacent consonants that produce one speech sound. They are not blends.


free digraphs game to practice sh ch th wh words

Do try this fun digraphs game that I have prepared for kids. It includes short vowel words for digraph sh ch th wh.


 free unscramble words worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

After these unscramble words worksheets, kids can try reading digraph sentences.


free rearrange words worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

The digraph ch sh th wh ph exercises are supported with pictures. I have covered words with all the short vowel sounds.

I also have a pack for unscrambling CVC words that you can begin with.


rearrange words worksheet for digraph words sh ch th wh ph

An answer sheet has been included in the pack. Digraph and blends words like brush, fresh etc. have also been included


digraphs for kids worksheet for kindergarten and first grade


digraph with ck words and double consonant words like chick, shack, shell, chess, thrill, etc. have also been included.

These word scramble printables will help children understand word construction and also word patterns. I have tried this activity with children in my class and it has made them better spellers.


free word scramble worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

This ‘digraphs‘ Pack is free for subscribers to download.