Dictation is the process of writing or typing what someone else has said. It is important for kids as it helps parents and teachers assess how well children are doing. Dictation helps master language arts skills such as writing, reading, speaking, and listening. I have created this readymade resource for teachers that includes words and sentences with a focus on CVC words.


dictation words for kindergarten

Above is the list of CVC words and simple sight words that can be used for dictating the words. Dictate the word, have the child repeat the word, and then write it down. If your child is not comfortable writing you can use a keyboard and have them do it. Please remember the skill is more important than the medium used.



writing words worksheets for kindergarten


The above worksheet can be used for writing the words. You can check their work once they are finished writing the words and make any corrections.

Sometimes, I use the blackboard to make kids write words. This activity is most fun when I have the children write on the blackboard with a chalk. They really enjoy it and look forward to it.



Practicing dictation helps me understand how the children are progressing though it also has multiple positives for kids. Dictation enhances listening skills. The kids will be focused on what you are saying so that will enhance concentration. They will sit still and listen to what you have to say.


dictation sentences for kindergarten

The above worksheet has simple 4-5 words sentences that the kids can attempt at writing. It includes CVC words and sight words from the first worksheet that I shared.

There are 20 sentences to teach primary to begin writing sentences. Say a sentence twice, have the kids repeat it, and then write it. After they have written it, ask them to proofread the sentence by repeating it again.


writing words and sentences for kindergarten


In the above worksheet, the kids can record both words and sentences. This is also a good time to teach kids basic punctuation rules. Rules such as basic sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a period. Also, we can teach primary kids that names begin with a capital letter.

With this pack, you will not have to spend time forming sentences for children to write.



dictation words and sentences for kindergarten



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