dictation sentences for class 1 – r-blends

dictation sentences for class 1 – r-blends

Dictation is an important activity that I regularly undertake as it helps me assess how well children are doing. Dictation helps master language arts skills such as writing, reading, speaking, and listening. I have created this dictation sentence Pack for Class 1  which focuses on r-blend words and sentences along with sight words.

Consonant blends or clusters are two or more consonants together in which each consonant is pronounced, with no vowel sounds in between them. Brag, crab, drip, fresh, grub, prop, truck, etc. are r blend words with an initial r consonant blend. You can see br cr dr fr gr pr tr appear at the beginning of the words.

Let’s discuss dictation sentences Pack for class 1.


dictation words for short vowel br cr dr fr gr pr tr words for first grade


The above list is for r-blend words and sight words that can be used for dictating the words.

It is extremely important to practice writing consonant blends words because children usually miss one of the sounds from the blend. ‘bran’ is sometimes pronounced or written as ‘ban’ or ‘crab’ is written ‘cab.’ I try and stress on the consonant blend as much as possible when this happens.

I try to make the child write at least two words in every class. For example, when I ask the child to write ‘trip’ and instead she writes ‘tip’, my next word for her is ‘tip.’ Then I make the child compare both the words written by her, ‘tip’, and ‘tip.’ It makes the child think. Most of the time, the child is able to correct the error. Even if she is not, she still understands that there is an extra sound in ‘trip.’


dictation sentences for short vowel br cr dr fr gr pr tr words for class 1



The next worksheet is dictation sentences that focus on br cr dr fr gr pr tr short vowel words. As an English teacher, these dictation packs have been a very useful tool for me. I have a readymade sheet for dictation sentences which makes it easier to manage little kids and get the maximum benefit out of this exercise. I have r-blends worksheets Pack which can be practiced in class as well as at home. Do try it.



r blend sentences read and match worksheet for kindergarten and first grade



I have prepared r-blend sentences with pictures pack for br cr dr fr gr pr tr blends. You can have the children try those worksheets before writing the above dictation sentences.




The above worksheet can be used for writing dictation words and dictation sentences.


dictation words and sentences for short vowel br cr dr fr gr pr tr words for class 1





















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